Repotting Service

Here at Plantsmith, we love doing the dirty work for you!
Our in-store repotting service takes the guesswork out of sizing, ratios and soil mixes, treating your houseplants to a 5 star experience.
Our team of qualified horticulturalists make up a bespoke soil mix for each plant, tailored to the individual species. We also provide the options of pruning, totems and trellis supports should the plant require it. You can use your own pots, select one from our range or simply refresh the soil and go back into the same pot. 
Turnaround is usually 24hours although we can do it on the spot most weekdays, we can't guarantee. 
General repot for small to medium ( usueally a 10-20cm nursery pot) plants is $12
Larger plants or advanced speciemens requiring 2ppl are $15-32
Feel free to give us a call for further information, or email through images for a tailored quote.
Please note that we can only accept plants that are pest and disease free for this service.