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Hoya australis - 12cm
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The Hoya Australis is a native hoya with slender twining stems and thick fleshy dark green leaves. Hoyas are a Plantsmith favourite due to their easy-going nature and diversity (not to mention some of the craziest names around). These are epiphytic plants,...


Hoya - Indoor Plants Melbourne

Hoyas are one of Plantsmith’s favourite indoor plants due to their easy-going nature and diversity. As house plants, Hoyas offer low maintenance beauty which makes them a perfect choice for beginners, or busy indoor plant gardeners. 

 The trailing and hanging Hoya varieties make them perfect for bringing colour and style to your room or ceiling, especially when paired with a decorative indoor plant hanging pot.
They also have some of the craziest names around!  Hoyas are sometimes commonly referred to as porcelain plants wax plants because of their waxy flowers. 

These are epiphytic plants, which means that they require a well-draining mix in a tighter pot to be happy; only re-pot in Spring when it is bursting out of its current pot. Find a warm, bright spot for these plants - and some morning sun can encourage flowering with some of the loveliest fragrances around.

Hoya indoor plants by Plantsmith

Plantsmith’s extensive range of Hoya are carefully selected by our specialist team of horticulturalists. Hoyas makes the perfect house plant for your home or a great indoor plant for your office. All of our Hoya house plants are of the highest quality. 

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